ULF NYGAARD Programming, vocals.
Started his musical career in the early nineties, and was signed to PolyGram in 1995
with folk&rovere, a trip hop inspired boy/girl duo singing in Norwegian.
The original female voice was Beate Slettevoll Lech (who in 1998 went on to form
her own band Beady Belle). Ulf has made eight folk&rovere albums.
Founded Flunk around new year 2000/2001.

JO BAKKE Guitars, bass and more.
Quit school to play rock'n'roll in the early ninities and stuck together with three friends
who landed a big time deal with Sony Music Norway as the Happy Campers in the
mid-90'ies. The quartet got their own London studio in 1997, and left Oslo. They
released material through Ninja Tune, and worked with a variety of well known
English names (the band's front man Ola Haampland produced the first two folk&rovere
albums. Jo released two house 12-inches on Guidance Recordings with Antenna after
returning to Oslo - working with former Happy Campers drummer Erik Ruud in 2002,
now Flunk's drummer.

Started off in a girl band, later recorded a cover of a Beatles song in the legendary
Abbey Road Studios as guest vocalist in a Norwegian band in 2001. Anja
has been working on solo material for some years, and more or less accidentally ended up
doing vocals on the first Flunk track to be released - winter 2001. In effect, she became
the Flunk lead singer from the very first session.
In 2005 she was voted best unsigned artist in Norway, through the national radio
station NRK Petre. She has done several solo shows in Norway the last years. Anja
finished her medicine studies in spring 2007.
Check out Anja's MySpace site.

Associated member, and full member of the Flunk live squad. More or less the same
story as Jo, staying together through Happy Campers to Antenna. Erik is also working on
solo material, probably finished some time in autumn 2008.


NEW YEAR 2000/2001: Sessions in Oslo with Ulf and Jo. Uncertain when the
Flunk name materialised, but in the beginning it was meant to be an instrumental/
sampled vocal project with no particular ambition. And certainly no record deal.

2001: Signed for a track on a compilation on Beatservice Records, and the
label manager Vidar Hanssen was so impressed that he soon signed the 'band' for an
Most of the debut album was recorded in early summer. Most tracks were laid out before
singer Anja was involved, she came in and improvised and the songs were taken from there.
Then Jo would add his layers of guitar. Still it would take almost a year until the album was
completed and released.

2002: Flunk released their debut single - a cover of New Order's classic
anthem, Blue Monday, in April. The track received a lot of attention in the UK, and has
been used on a lot of compilations, TV series and movies, both in Europe and the US.
Debut album For Sleepyheads Only was released in late April. Great reviews in Norway.
The band were invited to do a BBC recording session in London for the Radio 1 show The
Blue Room, and made their UK live debut at the Notting Hill Art's Club. Flunk are also signed
to Guidance Recordings in the US.
The debut album got raving reviews in some of the British electronica magazines. The
band played Norway's finest rock festival in July. US version of For Sleepyheads Only
released in October. The band went to London to play London Jazz Festival in November.

2003: For Sleepyheads Only still being released in various parts of the world.
Special editions released in Russia and Greece. Beatservice Records released Treat Me Like
You Do - For Sleepyheads Only Remixed in June. The band worked on the second proper
album all year, and went to Paris to record in October.

2004: Morning Star album finished in March. Release in Norway in May, the
rest of the world in June. First single On My Balcony was voted 'summer single of the year'
on Norway's biggest commercial radio station. Miami based Kriztal Entertainment released
a US version of the album in October.

2005:The track Play was featured on an episode of the popular US TV series
The O.C. It also featured on one of their soundtracks. Flunk had several tracks on american
TV shows this year. An extended EP, Play America, was released early this year.

2006: At last Flunk toured the US, a mini tour on the West Coast, including
Seattle, the band's (by far) strongest city in the world (!), San Francisco and Hotel Caf in
Los Angeles. A live studio appearance at KEXP in Seattle was recorded, and later released
as an EP in October. It included the first recording of the new live favourite, See You (a
Depeche Mode cover). The band worked on the third proper album all year.

2007: Album finished in February. Finally titled Personal Stereo, it will be
released on Beatservice Records on April 23. A remix album, Democracy, released in
December, based on submissions from a remix competition on the website.

2008: Working on side projects before getting on with proper album #4 in
the summer. Featured on a Saint Thomas (aka the late Thomas Hansen) tribute album
released in October with a brand new studio recording of the track Last Word.

2009: Flunk's album number four finished in February. Titled 'This Is What You
Get', it's set for May release. First single 'Common Sense' released in March.

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